About Us


Norfafa is a social enterprise that comprises small businesses and partnerships which seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. Majority of our profits are principally used to fund social programs in Ghana.

Norfafa was founded to generate income to help with the mission of the Fafali Foundation and that of partner organizations. This was necessary because of the difficulty in getting grants for charitable projects in Africa by organizations founded by Africans.

It is our goal to contribute to the communities we serve in several ways: by providing goods and services (social protection, education, environmental, etc.) to the local communities and people who cannot afford them; to contribute to the economic development of deprived communities and create new job opportunities.

Norfafa consists of five sections:

Business Section: Will serve as a “one-stop” basic business solution center providing services such as printing, graphic design, web design, app design, car rentals, equipment rentals, and other services

Career Training: Will provide basic computer training, training adults and women to use social media for marketing, accounting/bookkeeping, career training, web design, coding, UAV, computer network, etc.

After school Program: Designed to spark the interest of children in STEM from the early stages of life. Will also teach basic computer, robotics, computer programming, videography, etc.

Digital Library: Will have computers connected to the internet to promote reading and encourage youth to use educational apps for STEM activities online. Access to free online courses, downloading of education materials. The library will also host periodic hackathons.

Sports Academy: These will host varieties of sports activities for both children and the youth to do sports as a fun activity and also to develop their talents to compete at the highest level.